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If possible, use powders rather than liquid makeup, so your skin can

breathe better.



Always wash your face!

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Apply moisturizers while your skin is still a little wet to help trap in some moisture. Avoid using an alcohol-
based moisturizer.


Our skin is exposed to harmful elements everyday. Makeup can trap these pollutants on the skin, leading to clogged pores and breakouts!

Washing your face everyday will keep your pores clean and your skin healthy and fresh.

Start by exofliating twice a week - overexfoliating can  damage your skin!  Follow up with a toner and moisturizer to lock in hydration.   

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Throw away exfoliators that contain microbeads! These plastic beads pose a threat to the environment and have  been banned by the US Government.  

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Use a gentle exfoliator to  avoid stripping away  skin's natural oils. For extra sensitive skin look for ingredients like oatmeal and rice powder to prevent irritation. 

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Makeup looks best on healthy skin that has been properly prepped and taken care of. Exfoliating weekly will remove dead skin cells and reveal smoother, softer skin. Your makeup only looks as good as the skin underneath!

 Use an empty spray bottle to mix a couple tablespoons of conditioner with water to create the perfect leave-in treatment to spritz on your damp hair after swimming in the pool or ocean.


Apply moisturizers while your skin is still a little wet to help trap in some moisture. Avoid using an alcohol-
based moisturizer.

You will need:



  • Dampen a cotton pad with makeup remover and gently swipe over your eyelids and lashes to

      remove any eye makeup.


  • Splash your face several times with warm water. Lather a dime-sized amount of face wash in

      your hands and begin massaging it on to your

      face in small circles, moving from your jawline

      to your forehead.


  • Rinse your face several times with warm water

      until the face wash has been removed.


  • With a clean towel, gently pat your face to dry.

      Do not scrub!


  • Take a pea-sized amount of moisturizer

      and massage it gently into your skin,

      especially focusing on any dry patches

      of skin.

When picking out a cleanser
or moisturizer, look for key words like gentle, mild,
oil-free and lightweight. Products with these descriptions typically will not strip away your skin's good natural oils, or clog your pores. Always try
and find a moisturizer with an
SPF 30+ to protect from
harmful UV rays.

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Add a cute hat to complete your favorite beach look. It will look stylish and help protect your scalp and face from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Give your hair a break from heat styling and practice braided styles. The braids keep the hair off your face and neck, keeping you cool for the summer. You also get perfect beach waves when you release the braids and comb through your hair.


Summer Beauty Savers!

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